Cyclical and continuous inventory

Weaver WMS allows you to carry out inventory in the classic approach, with blocking of storage locations and stocks, as well as to carry out continuous inventory during picking - without blocking of stocks.

Weaver WMS. Material base management.

The system will have the operator count a given assortment at a specific location if the algorithms detect potential discrepancies there..

When taking inventory, it is possible to complete not only quantities. It is also possible to complete such characteristics as dimensions, weight, and lot number and date.

Android-equipped collectors allow you to work on paperless inventory. The digital form is much more efficient and secure.

With or without locking mechanism

With or without locking mechanism

The inventory can basically be done in two ways. The first one blocks logistic units subject to stocktaking, so that no goods are released from counted units during stocktaking.

The second one is more liberal and allows for continuous operation - counting takes place without disturbing the work - release of goods.

In real time - continuous inventory

In real time - continuous

Perpetual stocktaking allows for the counting of goods on a given pallet place / logistic unit ordered by the algorithm - in accordance with the set parameters - during the release of the goods.

Then, when collecting the goods from a given place/unit, the warehouseman is asked to enter the quantity left in a given place/unit.

Paperless - on terminals

Paperless - on terminals

The inventory is fully digital. Android mobile terminals and the Weaver WMS mobile application are used to carry out the inventory process.

Weaver WMS warehouse system

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