Integration with ERP / FK systems

Integration with an external system enables the exchange of documents with the Weaver WMS warehouse system in real time. Advanced configuration allows you to adjust the integration to the customer's needs.

Weaver WMS. Material database management.

Documents that can be exchanged between the systems include:

  • Przyjęcie zewnętrzne [ER] – przyjęcie dostawy towaru na magazyn
  • Internal revenue [IR] - admission to the warehouse, e.g. finished products after production
  • External release [ER] – release of goods from the warehouse to the customer
  • External expenditure [EE] – release, e.g. of raw materials for the production of finished products
  • Orders from recipients [OR] - orders flowing to the Subiekt, e.g. from an online store
  • Przesunięcia międzymagazynowe [IWT] – przesunięcia towaru pomiędzy różnymi magazynami
  • Inventory [INV] – inventory report

Currently, we have ready-made fully configurable integrations with such systems as Insert GT, Insert Nexo, Navireo, Comarch Optima, Soneta Enova, Sage Symfonia and Syneo Optimes.

Weaver WMS storage system

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