Integration with the Insert Subiekt GT system

Integration with the external Insert Subiekt system enables data exchange, e.g. documents with the Weaver WMS warehouse system in real time.

A dedicated Weaver WMS service is required for configuration.

The cost of the supplement is given by e-mail or by phone.

Integration Help: [email protected]

The author of the add-on is Weaver WMS.

Types of integrated documents

Documents that can be exchanged between the systems include:

  • External receipt [PZ] – receipt of goods delivery to the warehouse
  • Internal income [PW] – admission to the warehouse, e.g. of finished products after production
  • External release [WZ] – release of goods from the warehouse to the customer
  • External expenditure [RW] – release of e.g. raw materials for the production of finished products
  • Orders from recipients [ZO] - orders flowing to the Subiekt, e.g. from an online store
  • Inter-warehouse transfers [MM] - transfers of goods between different warehouses
  • Inventory [INW] – inventory report

In addition, you can configure integration so that:

  • Orders from customers from Subiekt were collected immediately as WZ documents
  • Orders without materials were skipped
  • The downloaded order reserved stock in the WMS
  • After completion of the GIN document, the ZK document in the Subiekt was automatically marked as completed

Test all system integrations and functions for 31 days

Without payment and providing payment details.