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Parental protectionEyesity.

Created to ensure the safety of our children online.

Eyesity is a tool that helps parents protect their children from the effects of using computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets for too long. Eyesity monitors the time spent by the child at the computer with an accuracy of 1 second. Through the parent's panel, you can see what websites your child visited, what applications they used, how much time they spent on productive and unproductive activities. Immediately after installation, Eyesity blocks access to content such as pornography and violence. The system consists of three modules.

The project was implemented in 2015.

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(...) Both in the design phase and during the implementation of the Eyesity system, Bizhouse Sp. z o. o. has shown full professionalism and expertise in all its activities.

System modules Eyesity

The Web Module is a web application, accessible through a browser. After logging in, the parent can see the activity of the child (or children) on any device on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The web application acts as a parent application over the modules used to monitor the child's activity.

The Android module is a mobile application designed for devices running Android from version 2.2. The mobile application allows you to monitor your child's activity on an Android device immediately after installation. The application monitors the websites that the child visits, running applications, phone calls, text messages and the child's GPS location.

The Desktop module is a desktop application for devices running Windows 7 and up. The desktop application starts monitoring your child's activity on a Windows device immediately after installation. The application monitors the websites your child visits, running applications, time spent at the computer and much more. It is also possible to block websites and applications. The whole thing works under the control of a web application that only the parent has access to. A parent without access to a child's computer can change the time a child can use a computer, block access to a website, and much more.